Potter Bob Sorg's love for handmade objects grew into a passion, and in 1998, along with his wife Barbara, he opened Two 12 Pottery & Gift Gallery. Two 12 is not only a showcase for Bob's beautiful pottery, but it also has become a store that shines the spotlight on other artists.


The store carries work from local, national & international artists; with a focus on solo artists as well as fair trade artisan communities. Over the years Two 12 has become a vital part of the vibrant NE Minneapolis arts and community scene. Join our email list to keep posted on our local community art events!

Two 12 Pottery's Story

Northeast Minneapolis has evolved into one of the premier artist communities in the country – featuring over 500+ artists offering everything from pottery to jewelry to painting & sculpture to photography.


Located just across the Mississippi River from downtown Minneapolis, Northeast has a rich and vibrant history known for it’s industrial and immigrant heritage. The Mississippi River and St. Anthony Falls became a vibrant business center featuring sawmills, textile mills and flour mills. Over time it became known for the Polish, German and Scandinavian immigrants who settled in this party of the city. Today, many of those same working class neighborhoods remain and the history and experience of the area help to create the unique vibe of the Northeast artist community.


Northeast has experienced dramatic revitalization throughout the past two decade. Old buildings continue to be converted into art galleries, condominiums and restaurants. However, this renaissance still embraces the old historic charm that makes Northeast a one-of-a-kind place to work, live and visit.


Northeast is truly making history again.



The NE Connection

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